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Saree Draping


Rs. 2000


2 Hours


Saree Draping

The ethnic and most prevalent traditional wear for any Indian woman is the saree. Every Indian woman loves to drape a saree for all essential occasions, especially weddings. Saree has also caught the attention of fashion designers across the globe.

Any Indian traditional wedding is incomplete without a bride wearing a saree. In such scenarios, a perfectly draped saree makes the occasion outstanding. To cuddle your body and adore customers with an elegant look, hold hands with our services.

The long unstitched cloth mandates proper poise and draping style that gives the woman a gorgeous look. Either traditional events, or weddings, saree draping plays a crucial role in bringing out the sarees true beauty and the woman wearing it. Associate with our saree draping services and ease the work of wearing saree.

Our saree draping highlights

By opting for our services for saree draping, we follow unique styles for flawless saree draping. Apart from the usual pleating and pinning of saree pallu, we go for twisted pallu that offers a distinctive look and makes you stand out from the rest. Our saree draping styles are extraordinary as others gaze at you for the perfect draping style.

We know that India is a land of diversity, with different cultures wearing different draping sarees. Our talented saree drapers are well-versed in draping all saree styles offering an impeccable look. To render a super gorgeous look, our artists go for clean pleats. We also decide the pleats based on the blouse, whether it's a jacket like a blouse, off-shoulder blouse, etc.

Based on the structure, height, weight and saree type, we decided on the pallu style. For lightweight sarees, choosing a moody and floating draping style uplifts the mood. We also have hands-on experience in draping Gujarati, Maharashtra, and Bengali draping styles. Book us and enjoy our stunning saree draping services in Hyderabad.

Best saree drapers

Our saree drapers have years of experience and work with a massive number of clients across the state. The best part is that we have bagged several awards for the best talents in the team for rendering extraordinary services. The saree drapers in the group are professionally trained for providing the best saree draping style.

Our saree drapers are pocket-friendly and possess friendly nature too. We focus on punctuality and quality work. Run through our website and glimpse through the positive comments that define who we are. Apart from all these, our team works towards making the clients happy and reaping compliments from others.


With such impeccable benefits, book our services well ahead of time and make your event unforgettable. Admire your beauty for years by choosing us for your occasions for gorgeous saree draping style. A stunning traditional look with incredible saree draping is always cherished for years in photos and videos. Make the event memorable and unique by calling us for saree draping services across the Hyderabad. Our saree drapers travel to your place and ensure to offer you a dazzling look with immaculate saree draping.

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